Q. Everyone that sees my Digi-walker wants one! How can they get one?

A. This is very common and we refer to it as "Digi-Mania!" Order by calling (208) 869-9664, between 8AM and 9PM, Mountain Time zone.

Q. Can I use my pedometer for running?

A. ABSOLUTELY! Most likely you will have to reset for your running stride, which can be easily done on your SW701. To measure your running stride, dampen the bottoms of your shoes and run on dry concrete, which will leave your footprints. Before the prints dry, measure from toe to toe OR heel to heel. Sand or softer dirt is another possibility as footprints are visible. Refer to our "SETTING for Distance" information as needed.

Q. Where is the best placement for my pedometer?

A. Our pedometers are extremely accurate, providing you position them correctly. There is an optimal position for each wearer, most likely somewhere between the navel and the side, at the waistline.

Simply slide the Digi-walker onto your waistband or thin belt, checking in a mirror to see that it is level on top (on the horizontal plane) & flat on front (on the vertical plane). Also, refer to our "Checking for Pedometer Accuracy."

Q. How do I use the "Digi-Tie" strap?

A. The "Digi-Tie" strap is a "back-up system" should your pedometer become dislodged from your waistband/ belt. One end is knotted to your pedometer and the clip end needs to be clipped to your waistband, belt loop, or pocket. We strongly suggest you ALWAYS attach your clip!

Q. We really want to use Digi-walkers in our physical education program. What model should we purchase?

A. We suggest implementing the SW200 Digi-walker for upper elementary (3rd and up) as no setting is required.

These step counters provide many opportunities for grade-appropriate math skills to be reinforced. For middle school and high school, we feel the SW701 can be easily set by the students. Plus, these pedometers provide valuable information for nutrition-related lessons as well as a variety of goal-setting and score keeping opportunities.

Q. How do I replace the battery? And, with what kind?

A. Your Digi-walker pedometer is powered by an LR-44 battery. You know when you need a new battery, as the screen goes dim. To replace the battery, insert the edge of a dime or penny into the slot at the hinge-end of the pedometer. The cover will "pop off." The battery is round and located in the bottom right hand area. When installing the new battery, ensure that the number side (or larger side) of the battery is up. Carefully align the lid, run your thumbs up the middle of the pedometer cover, and it will click back into place.

Q. My pedometer won't work when I have it open....I like watching my steps count!

A. The inner working mechanism is housed right behind the LCD (liquid crystal display). In order for the Digi-walker to work optimally, the inner working mechanism needs to be in a vertical position, which means the lid must be "clicked" closed. Having a lid also protects your step information from being accidentally lost.

Q. My pedometer (SW-701) doesn't measure my distance correctly. What now?

A. Your pedometer will measure correctly providing you set your correct stride length. Have another person help measure your stride, double checking that you are not shortening your stride OR sliding your front or back foot after stopping. Refer to our "Setting Information" page for methods of stride measurement.

Q. My pedometer seems to be frozen on a number or at "888888." What now?

A. Rarely, the pedometer needs an extra "boot." Simply hold down ALL buttons for 5 seconds. When you release them, the Digi-walker will quickly go from "88888" to "0" and should now be "back in business."

Q. What should I do about students who manually shake their pedometers to get a higher step count?

A. Two possibilities: 1.) From the very beginning, tell wearers, "You shake it, I take it!" 2.) Initially, ask students to formulate a plan for this. Guide them toward setting a rule such as..... "If anyone sees anyone getting illegal steps, the guilty person must reset to zero!" Giving students this ownership for setting procedures has terrific results.


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