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Rocky Mountain Pedometer Co’s mission is to create elementary classrooms that are MOVEMENT-BASED & SUCCESS-ORIENTED. Why? Research continues to validate that movement facilitates learning in elementary classrooms in a variety of ways. When quality pedometers are worn by students, movement becomes far more meaningful. Here is feedback from our elementary classroom teachers using our Digi-walker (pronounced Did-gee-walker) pedometers…..

  • Even my disinterested MATH students have a new outlook when using their pedometer numbers! It just INDIVIDUALIZES and personalizes math. So motivating!

  • Students enjoy the READING and WRITING components of “Pedometer BING-GO” and we have also used it to reinforce GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, and SCIENCE concepts.

  • My students can hardly wait to put on their Digi-walker pedometers! First time we used them, I asked what they thought and they waved TWO THUMBS UP and CHEERED!

  • Using your easy-to-implement activity ideas have been a catalyst for students to CREATE more movement ideas. Even PROBLEM SOLVING has become more creative!

  • When we incorporate your simple classroom implementation strategies and movement ideas, my students are more FOCUSED, have better RETENTION, and are CALM when seated.

  • WOW! Students really MOVE at recess to increase their step counts on their Digi-walkers.

  • We so appreciate your QUALITY pedometers! The Digi-walkers have instant credibility with my students because they are so ACCURATE day after day. Plus, they are really HARDY!

  • Yes, it’s a fact….using pedometers in the classroom was the ONLY variable that changed from last fall. Our spring MATH ACHIEVEMENT SCORES have improved!

Rocky Mountain Pedometer Co. has furnished the NUMBER ONE rated pedometers, DIGI-WALKERS, to many physical education programs in the USA since 2000. We have also conducted physical education and wellness PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for many years. Now, we are excited to do the same for elementary classroom teachers!

We hear you saying, “This is so different. Will it work? My students will be out of control.” Not so fast! We not only offer a quality product, but also include success-oriented strategies and movement ideas for elementary classroom use. Plus, we offer SUPPORT. We only sell the “gold standard” Japanese made Digi-walkers because they do what they are supposed to do…count steps and count them accurately. No, they aren’t the cheap give-aways, but they do end up being the cheapest since they outlast all other brands. How do we know? It is due to all the feedback from physical education teachers/customers over the 16 years we have been in business.

You have read this far, so let’s offer you a Digi-walker Pedometer Class Pack SPECIAL! Yes, that’s SPECIAL PRICING through May 1, 2016. Just mention you read this and we will give you a DISCOUNT on a Class Pack of Digi-walkers. How many are in a Class Pack? You tell us as we fill each order individually. Funding sources could include Title 1 funds, PTA/PTO possibilities, as well as the www.GoFundMe.com website. If you cannot find funds this spring, call us this fall and we will see what we can do for you!

Questions are welcomed! CALL US! We are located in Boise, Idaho, which is in the Mountain Time Zone. Our hours are 8AM – 5PM, MTZ. 208-869-9664. Bonnie Hopper, Owner. We can hardly wait to talk with you!

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