Physical Education Packs

Let Rocky Mountain Pedometer Co. custom build a “Physical Education Pack” with Digi-walkers for YOU! Just tell us how many pedometers you need and we’ll put it together and get it on its way to YOU . NO minimums, NO maximums, NO predetermined number. All of our “Physical Education Packs” are custom made to YOUR particular needs. Included, complimentary in our Kits, are our copyrighted, comprehensive “Teaching Resources” which include the following:

  • Setting Info
  • Digi Do’s/Don’ts
  • Digi Management Tips
  • Physical Education Activity Ideas Utilizing Digi-walkers
  • Physical Education activities that reinforce a variety of cross-curricular concepts (math, reading, writing, science, geography, history, & nutrition and health are individually emphasized)
  • Digi-News for your School Newsletter
  • Worksite Wellness Activities
  • Promo Flier/FUNdrasing Info
  • "ALERT” poster
  • And…..We continue to add MORE GR8 Teaching Resources to help you create “DIGI-MANIA” at your school!

PRICE of “Physical Education Packs”….depends on the number of pedometers you need. Please call (208) 869-9664 for an exact price.

Physical education programs across the USA are implementing pedometer technology to boost student activity! Refer to our "Testimonials" below to read words of amazement from physical educators.

Using pedometers enhances physical education programs in the following ways:

  • Amazing increase in students' ACTIVITY TIME,
  • Noted increase in students' MOTIVATION TO MOVE,
  • Implementation of user-friendly TECHNOLOGY,
  • Reinforcement of MATH SKILLS as well as other cross-curricular areas such as geography, history, health, language arts, and science.

TESTAMONIALS from Physical Educators Using Rocky Mountain Pedometers.......

From an Indiana middle school physical educator, with 25+ years experience: " NEVER before had I seen ALL of my students moving like they were! I quickly ran down the hall, grabbed the principal, and said, 'You've just got to come see this!' We both laughed and laughed with happiness! Our physical education program was instantly strengthened with Digi-walker pedometers!"

From an elementary school teacher in CA, "It was SO great----the entire student body was outside, lining-up, as we practiced a fire drill. You could REALLY tell the students in physical education....they were in line, but having such fun jogging like crazy to get MORE steps on their Digi-walker pedometers!"

We are excited to share this: A school in Louisiana has taken a BIG STEP! Their physical education program's use of pedometers was THE contributing factor to the INCREASE of their 3rd graders' math achievement test scores!

Cry for help from a physical educator..."How do I get them to STOP moving so much when I need to talk to them?" Answer: "That's what physical education is all about....moving! If they are moving noisily, ask them to move with 'quiet feet' and keep your information brief and concise."

High school physical educator.... "In all my years of teaching physical education, I have NEVER seen high school kids move SO much and ENJOY it! These Digi-walker pedometers are the most AMAZING things ever!"

Feedback from MANY physical educators at professional meetings/conventions who purchased "cheap" brands of pedometers.... "If ONLY I would have purchased QUALITY pedometers to start with. I've wasted so much time calling, returning, plus they were so inaccurate."


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