We STRONGLY urge you to consult with your physician before starting any exercise program, including walking. Even though our national experts are urging every able person to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, your physician is your source to provide you with personal recommendations.

We sell very durable pedometers, however, like anything, they must be treated in the proper manner to ensure a long life. Here are some pointers:

  • The pedometer is held to your waistband by a clip. Do NOT try to pull the clip open as you will break it. Instead, simply slide the clip/pedometer on a thin waistband or thin belt. Clip breakage is not covered under warranty, but can be repaired for a small fee.
  • Do NOT drop your pedometer on a hard surface. Like anything with a LCD (liquid crystal display) it will break. We do not warranty LCD breakage, but often can repair such for a small fee.
  • ALWAYS attach the end clip of your "Digi-Tie" strap to your waistband, belt loop, or pocket when you wear your pedometer. This acts as a "back-up system" should your pedometer come off your waistband or thin belt.
  • Your pedometer will not count if the lid is not "clicked" closed.
  • In order to count accurately, the pedometer must be positioned on your body correctly. Please click on our "Accuracy" tab for more information.
  • Our pedometers are NOT water-proof. Please remove them as you change your clothing. We do not warranty water damage, but if your pedometer goes through the laundry, carefully take off the cover by gently twisting a dime or penny in the slot at the hinge-end of the case. The battery is housed at the bottom right hand corner. Take the battery out to avoid corroding the inner working mechanism and let everything dry for 24 hours. If the battery shows any signs of corrosion, replace it with an LR-44 battery, available at most electronic, discount, and grocery stores.
  • If you gently shake your pedometer, there is a noise that sounds like something is broken. This is merely the working suspended lever arm. You most likely will not hear this sound once you have your pedometer on your waistband or belt.


Rocky Mountain Pedometer Company endeavors to market reliable and durable pedometers. We do warranty our pedometers for one year, from purchase date, for factory-related defects. We cannot warranty wearer-induced problems which include, but are not limited to, accidentals such as.....

  • dropping the pedometer,
  • clip, LCD, and/or case breakage,
  • getting the pedometer wet,
  • putting the pedometer in the microwave,
  • battery wearing out,
  • non-authorized repairs, and the like.

Please call us at (208) 869-9664, Mountain Time zone, should you have repair needs. In most cases we can repair your pedometer far cheaper than the purchase price of a new one.


Steps: 10K A Day! It Pays!