You're going to love our sparkling creation! A Rocky Mountain Pedometer Co. EXCLUSIVE.....our "DAZZLING DIGIS," embellished with hand-set, authentic Austrian SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS. Are they ever beautiful and radiant, true to the Swarovski name! Whether you need a gift for someone special or a "happy-day-to-me" gift, you are sure to find the color that is perfect. We have a variety of beautiful, brilliant colors, so call us to special order. Our color spectrum of crystals includes:

  • Gold,
  • Black diamond,
  • White diamond,
  • Baby blue,
  • Royal blue,
  • Turquoise,
  • Rose,
  • Magenta,
  • Bright red,
  • Orange,
  • Light green,
  • Emerald green,
  • Purple,
  • Fire (a mix of orange, red, and yellow), &/or
  • Any combination you wish....patriotic red/white/blue, school colors, favorite sports team colors, rainbow, etc.





Rocky Mountain Pedometer Co. located in Boise, Idaho Phone (208) 869-9664, mountain time zone.