Here is a quick check that your pedometer is positioned correctly on your body and is working optimally (counting accurately). We suggest you FIRST READ, then do, this simple and quick method of checking your pedometer for accuracy.

  1. Slide your pedometer on your thin waistband or thin belt. Clip the "Digi-Tie" strap to your waistband, belt loop, or pocket.
  2. Open your pedometer and reset it to "0." Keep the pedometer OPEN.
  3. If using the SW701, use the "STEP" mode.
  4. Clear any clothing that may be in the way when you need to close your pedometer.
  5. Click the pedometer closed as you take your first step.
  6. Walk (not stroll) counting 30 steps.
  7. Stop IN STRIDE at 30 steps. If you bring your back foot forward and even with your front foot, the pedometer will count an extra step.
  8. Very carefully, open your pedometer. It should have counted within 1 step of 30. That means, it should read 29, 30, or 31.
  9. If it did not count within 1, check the positioning of the pedometer. It must be flat on top (not on a slanted pocket or in a pocket) and flat on the front. Readjust as needed and try the 30 step test again until you have found the optimal wearing spot for your body shape.

Note: If your tummy is more rounded and/or your waistband rolls down, you may have to slide the pedometer closer to your navel OR your side to get a placement that will give an accurate reading.


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